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How can the answer be improved?In Diablo II, the monastery was taken over by Andariel and was rescued by the heroheroine in the end of Act I. It is unknown whether we will see it in Diablo III. Location of the Monastery [edit edit source diablo ii monastery location

Printable version of Act I Quests: The Den of Evil: Quest Icon: Quest Given By Akara: Quest Location Tamoe Highland Monastery Gate Outer Cloister (W) Barracks (W) indicates a Waypoint location: The Malus will be found in the Barracks, protected by the Smith, a special, extra stong unique. The Diablo II Tomb of Knowledge is a member of

The Monastery gate is a location in Diablo II. It is located just after the Tamoe Highlands. It grants access to the Rogue Monastery and its Outer Cloister. The Rogue Monastery guards the way East. The citadel is now being guarded by Andariel, who prevents anyone from chasing Diablo. Sep 02, 2011 Ahh, the Catacombs A big series of annoying, winding tunnels with lots of doors and dead ends. I get turned around a couple times, but I edit out the backtracking (for your viewing pleasure; ).diablo ii monastery location Feb 20, 2011 Tools of the Trade (Diablo II Quest) From Diablo Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Tools of the Trade Quest Giver Charsi: Quest Area Barracks: Goal Retrieve Horadric Malus: Charsi: When I fled the Monastery, I left behind the Horadric Malus, my enchanted smithing hammer. If you can retrieve it for me, I'll use its magic to strengthen your

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Quest 5: Tools of the Trade: Within that location, you can find the Monastery gate, head in and to the Outer Cloister, find the waypoint here and then find the Barracks. You will face some tough opposition here but eventually you'll find the hammer and the badass that guards it. Because all the other armor you have right now is going to diablo ii monastery location

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